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30th Asian Intercity Championship, Jakarta – Bulletin No. 1

The 30th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 24-31 October, 2016.

The pdf file is available by clicking on Bulletin No. 1

This year is also an election year. Interested candidates must contact Joey Miranda III at 1-671-787-2462 or email for information and nomination forms.

Information on AIBC Executive Committee and General Assembly will be provided at a later date.


Paranaque reclaims Shinzo Sato Cup

Sunday, November 15, 2015 – Megalanes Adventure World Bowling Center, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

It was only a matter of time before Paranaque’s women would be able to subdue a strong performance by the Pasay women’s team as the prior claimed another trophy for their AIBC collection. The Paranaque members medal haul of golds include the Men’s Singles and All Events, Women’s Team, All Events and Masters. They also took silver in the Women’s Doubles, Men’s Team and Masters while earning Bronze in Women’s Singles. On the men’s side, the members accumulated enough points to edge host city Kuching North and the perennial power house Daegu winning their first Cup since the early 2000s.

The combined efforts of the men and women’s team earned them the Shinzo Sato cup for 2015 over Kuching North, Pasay and Daegu. For their efforts they receive the Men, Women and Overall City Cup along with the $1000 incentive for each division.


Kuching North’s Siong, Paranaque’s Posadas and Basa combo win Masters Event titles

Sunday, November 15, 2015 – Megalanes Bowling Center, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

It may have been a slow start by the men’s finalists, however, the pace picked up and the pins began to fall as top seed J Em Ang was able to string five strikes in a row. However, he left a 3-4-6-7-10 split in the tenth frame which gave life for a Siong comeback. That he did, as he strung a seven bagger of his own to close out the game 235-207. Christopher Siong of Kuching North continued his striking prowess in game two, opening with a six bagger, essentially putting the game out of reach from the top seed and closing the match to claim the Men’s division Masters Event championship for 2015, 225-192.

In the semi-final matches 2nd seed Siong used a barrage of strikes to oust fourth seed Park Min Su of Daegu in straight games 227-181 and 289-229. Ang took an additional game to beat a savvy 6th seed Chong Jun Foo of Kuching South. Foo battered Ang during the first game 235-174. In the second game, Ang used a four bagger to close out the second game as Foo left a pin 8 on the tenth frame after a five bagger that could have sealed the match, but the score of 217-215 favored the Filipino kegler. Ang opened the last game with a six bagger and took advantage of multiple errors by Foo to seal the victory 244-203.

In the women’s division, Jocelyna Jonathan jumped to a fast start with a four bagger as she cruised to the first game victory over top seed Lara Posadas 224-170. In the second game, Posadas took advantage of missed spares and punched in a clean game to extend the match to the third game winning 214-190. In the deciding third game of the match, 2nd seed Jonathan opened a 21 pin lead. Unfortunately, Posadas came to life after opening with two misses as she struck from frame three to nine. Jonathan then produced a five bagger to close the gap, but left a 4-7-10 split on the final stanza for a 210 game as Posadas filled the last frame with 8 pins to edge the lower seed by four pins and claim the Women’s Masters event.

Paranaque’s Lara Posadas match against Kuching North’s Nerosha Keligit went the distance during the semi-finals as Posadas used a 255 last game to advance to the finals on a set of 217-190, 228-259 and 255-199. Jonathan of Kuching North beat out 3rd seed Mades Arles 242-184 but not before a threat by Arles’ 255 game forced Jonathan to punch in a 258 game to win the match.

In the men’s senior division, top seed Gene Basa completed his golden harvest winning the top prize in every event including the Masters with a two set victory over Edward Juit of Kuchig North 205-171 and 229-206. Basa completed a sweep of every match winning with an unblemished record of 8-0.

In an exciting Women Senior battle both bowlers also overcame a slow start as Loo took a lead on the top seed. However, the match ended in a 157 draw which was broken by a one frame roll off where top seed Pia Basa dropped eight pins against Loo’s six to take game one. In game two, 3rd seed Loo took a commanding lead through midgame ahead 32 pins. Thereafter, Basa went to work stringing four strikes in a row. Loo was unable to spare on the ninth frame which handed the match and the gold medal to Basa 190-185.

Basa marched through the semi-final match with a straight set victory over Kuala Lumpur’s Hasnah Jamaluddin 169-162 and 193-179 while 2nd seed Maimunah Arshad of Kuching North fell in straight games to Julie Loo of Kuala Lumpur 159-179 and 155-236.


Paranaque Seniors golden rush

Saturday, November 14, 2015 – Megalanes Adventure World Bowling Center, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Paranaque amassed another golden medal haul as they continued their mastery of the Seniors division. The men and women’s senior team as well as the men and women’s senior all events gold medal were awarded to the members of Paranaque City.

The Paranaque senior men’s team got to work early taking a 48 pin leave after three games over Kuching North. They then extended their lead during the second set of three games as they took home the gold by 188 pins through the efforts of Gerry Tan, Dennis Ho, Gene Basa and Johnson Cheng.

The Kuching North team of Robert Lu, Reginald Angkas, Edward Jui and Wagiman Kassim finished a comfortable second winning the silver medal. The Bronze medal was awarded to Kuching South’s Mohd Rezal Abdullah, Sazali Unus, Dr. Kamaruddin Lajim and Mohd Amran Saait. Bandar Seri Begawan finished in fourth 67 pins adrift.

The women’s senior came down to a wild finale as Paranaque City held off a Kuching North last game rally, squeezing by with 27 pins. Liza Or, Nyriam Hernandez, Pia Basa and Lucy Cheng were awarded the gold medal while Lylianna Abdullah, Habibah Mansor, Lylianna Linyan and Maimunah Arshad took the silver. Kuala Lumpur’s team of Hasna Jamaluddin, Nancy Yap, Wendy Ong and Julie Loo was another 24 pins out from the top spot.

Gene and Pia Basa took another pair of gold medals in the form of the All Events. The husband and wife duo held on to the top post throughout the doubles and team event to claim glory. Wagiman Kassim of Kuching North stayed on second for the silver while Dennis Ho climbed the ladder to overtake team mate Gerry Tan for the bronze. Maimunah Arshad of Kuching North also stayed steady throughout the tournament claiming another silver as Julie Loo regained her composure during the team event to give Kuala Lumpur another bronze medal.


Paranaque City scoops All Events Gold

J. Em Ang and Lara Posadas earned the All Events Gold medal in their respective divisions. Singles event gold medalist Ang dominated the men’s field from the get go pouring in sets of 1455, 1334 and 1347 for a 4136 total. Christopher Tiong Lee Siong of Kuching North claimed the silver medal while Lee Tak Man of Macau City edged out Park Min Su and Im Gyeol-Ui of Daegu City for the bronze medal.

Lara Posadas improved her sets on a daily basis to leave the field reeling from her dust as she flew by the women’s field on sets of 1327, 1396 and 1433 giving her a 4156 total, 151 pins ahead of her closest rival. Jocelyna Jonathan of Kuching North took home the silver medal while Singles event gold medalist Mades Arles settled for Bronze. Anne Marie Kiac of Pasay and Joan Cheng of Hong Kong rounded off the top five.

The top five bowlers from each division along with the next 11 competitors in each division advances to the Masters elimination round of 16 which will declare the Masters Event champion of the 29th AIBC Championship.


Daegu storms back in final game to snatch men’s gold, Paranaque shines for first women’s gold

Friday, November 14, 2015 – Megalanes Adventure World, Kuching, Sarawad, Malaysia

Daegu City trailed throughout the Men’s team events, even as much as 182 pins going into the final game of the 29th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship. In the end, they found a way to retain their team event dominance fighting back from the deficit to snatch the gold from team Paranaque. A 962 final game total was more than enough pins to erase the insurmountable disparity, thought by many, as Paranaque went on a crusade to unseed the mighty Daegu City team. However, Paranaque was unable to bounce back from a shaky start which led to multiple splits and miscues. This helped catapult Daegu to the pole position finishing with a 5167 total against 5128 submitted by Paranaque.

Petaling Jaya witnessed the onslaught first hand as they contested the final game on the same pair of lanes which translated into a strong set of their own finishing the last game with 886 pins that put them ahead of Kuching South and Kuching North. Their 4912 total was four pins better than Kuching South and garnered them the third spot for a team bronze medal.

Daegu City members include Park Min Su, Im Gyeol Ui, Kim Jun Soo and Park Hee Jeong. Paranaque was represented by Kevin Cu, Jay-Ar Tan, Frank Russo and J. Em Ang. Petaling Jaya fought hand in hand with Arif Azhar, Asymaan Azman, Firdaus Abdullah and Hafiz Fikri Zainol.

Paranaque women showed their dominance in the Ladies team event by outshining the field running away with a 134 pin cushion. The team was led by Lara Posadas’ 1433 total and included multi Asian Intercity Bowling Championship medalist Cecilia Yap, Yap Seok Kim and Sheena Go. Kuching North ‘s team of Nur Syafiqah, Jocelyna Jonathan, Gilliam Lim Siew Giok and Nerosha Keligit brought home the silver medal with a 4899 total. While Pasay City’s team of Double Gold medalist Mades Arles, Trixie De Luna, K-Ann Lopez and Anne Marie Kiac withstood a wild comeback by Hong Kong to claim bronze.


Paranaque and Kuching North share Senior doubles glory

Thursday, November 12, 2015 – Megalanes Bowling Center, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Paranaque Senior Men competitors finished 1-2 in the doubles event of the 29th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship contested in Megalanes Bowling Center, Kuching, Sawarak, Malaysia. Gene Basa provided the spark for his doubles team complimenting Gerry Tan’s 1134 set with an event high 1250. As Basa and Tan cruised into pole position, teammates Dennis Ho and Johnson Cheng edged out host Kuching North by 3 sticks for the silver medal. In an exciting last game rally, the pair poured in 464 points to offset a 100 plus pin margin going into the finale. They jumped three spots from their fifth game standing to earn their second place finish. Yasfadillah Yassin and Mahali Rahman of Bandar Seri Begawan settled for 4th place as they suffered a last game set back finishing one pine ahead of Kuching South’s Mohd Amran Saait and Dr. Kamaruddin Lajim.

Kuching North’s women emerged victorious in the Senior Ladies Doubles as Maimunah Arshad and Ilyianna Abdullah finished the six games set with a 1945 total, 26 pins ahead of Nancy Yap and Wendy Ong of Kuala Lumpur. The team of Hasnah Jamalluddin and Julie Loo of Kuala Lumpur completed the medal list while Paranaque’s Liza Or and Pia Basa settled for fourth place, two pins ahead of Kuching North’s Habibah Mansor and Lyliana Linyan.

Paranaque’s Gene Basa leads the men’s Senior All Events standing by 114 pins after two events averaging 209 pins per game. Wagiman Kassim from Kuching North sits in second followed by Ng Y. H. of Kuala Lumpur and Dennis Ho and Gerry Tan of Paranaque completes the top five list. The top 16 bowlers in the men’s senior division proceed to the head to head elimination Masters Round.

Pia Basa continues to lead the women’s Senior All Events with a 2018 total followed by Maimunah Arshad of Kuching North, Julie Loo of Kuala Lumpur, Iylianna Abdulla of Kuching North and Nancy Yap of Kuala Lumpur rounds off the top five. The top eight women proceed to the Masters Elimination Round.


Kuching North surges to Men’s Doubles Gold, Pasay savors second women’s gold

Thursday, November 12, 2015 – Megalanes Bowling Center, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Kuching North duo of Jonathan Ding Sagan and Christopher Tiong Lee Siong used a strong two game finish to surge past Hong Kong for their first gold of the tournament. After a strong start which included the tournament’s first perfect game by Hong Kong’s Ernest Kwok, the strikes seemed to have slipped from the stroke as back to back struggles by the young lad enabled Kuching North to move ahead in the final game. Kwok’s team mate Tony Wong plugged in a 1428 set for a 2639 total, 40 pins behind pole position. The highest set of the event was registered by Siong, a sizzling 1442. Daegu City’s Kim Jun Soo and Im Gyeol Ui squeezed by Paranaque’s Kevin Cu and J. Em Ang for the bronze with 8 pins to spare. Daegu finished with a 2616 set to Paranaque’s 2608.

In the women’s division, Mades Arles of Pasay City laid her hands on a second gold medal as she teamed up with Anne Marie Kiac to beat out Paranaque City’s Lara Posadas and Cecilia Yap by a mere 9 pins. Nur Syafiqah Bt Datu Sajeli and Nerosha Keligit A/P Thiagarajan of Kuching North fell two pins shy settling for the bronze. Pasay poured in a 2634 total, Paranaque 2625 and Kuching North 2623.
J. Em Ang of Paranaque City currently holds pole position in the Men’s All Events with a 2789 total followed by Christopher Tiong Lee Siong of Kuching North, Park Min Su of Daegu, Lee Take Man of Macau while Chong Jun Foo of Kuching South rounds off the top five.

Lara Posadas took over pole position in the women’s division, 13 pins ahead of double gold medalist Mades Arles. Jocelyna Jonathan of Kuching North leads her team Nur Syafiqah for third followed by Qistina Zainal of Petaling Jaya who rounds off the top five.

The top sixteen bowlers from each division, after the completion of the team event, will proceed to the Masters Elimination round.

The team event will be contested on Friday, November 13 beginning at 8:30 a.m.


Kwok bowls first perfect game of 29th Asian Intercity Championship

Thursday, November 12, 2015 – Megalanes Bowling Center, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Ernest Kwok of Hong Kong City set the lanes on fire connecting twelve strikes in a row on his way to the first perfect game of the 29th Asian Intercity Bowling Championship. He garnered the feat during second game of the doubles event being contested in Megalanes Bowling Center, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Kwok was all smiles after the release, confident that the pocket shot would carry the pin ten. His efforts were witnessed on lane 7 and 8 and will be awarded a 18 karat gold ring.


A love affair: Husband and Wife deliver Senior Gold and Silver

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 – Megalanes Bowling Center, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Gene and Pia Basa shared another treasurer in their lives as the husband and wife both laid claim to the Senior Division Singles event Gold medal in their respective divisions. The silver medalists also shares the same sentiments as Kuching North City’s Waggiman Kasim and Ilyiana Abdullah are also a husband and wife tandem.

Gene Basa held onto a narrow lead over Waggiman B Kasim of Kuching North to edge out the latter by a baker’s dozen. Basa finished the six game set with a 1258 total against Kasim’s 1252. The Paranaque competitor bested the 28 senior men’s field as fellow team mate Gerry Tan’s 1159 was enough for bronze.

Pia on the other hand beat out Kuching North’s Ilyiana BT Abdullah by 24 sticks. Pia punched in a total of 1024 to Abdullah’s 1000 pins. Juliana Loo of Kuala Lumpur settled for bronze with 977.